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Clochard de Luxe a local gin from Bruges

Clochard de Luxe is a new player in the local market. The brand offers two types of gin to the locals and also caters totourists and gin lovers alike. When the gin from Clochard de Luxe was offered at the recent Bruges lace days, it could already attract a lot of interest.

We are happy to write a bit more about this success story - to achieve this, we relied on working together with the caterers, in addition to selling our gin online. You can order our gin now by using the form on this website.

About Clochard de Luxe

The name Clochard de Luxe has long been the nickname of the entrepreneur Mike Dezutter. Mike is well known in Bruges and he had previously run a chocolate shop in the centre of the city of Breydel. He sold beer and gin in addition to chocolate in this shop, and Mike could not achieve more success with his gins. 

You can find numerous gins or cocktails based on this originally English drink in restaurants all across Bruges. According to Mike, there was only one thing missing- an original local variety. This is why Mike ventured into the world of gin production and the result is Clochard de Luxe.

Try the gin Clochard de Luxe 

The gins of Clochard de Luxe are gaining popularity in Bruges. This drink of the gods can be found in many local restaurants and cafes. However, you do not have to go to Bruges to taste Clochard de Luxe- you can order them from our website. Do you live in Bruges? If so, we even deliver your order to your home for free!

  • Local gin from Bruges

  • Can be drunk neat, or in cocktails

  • Free delivery in Bruges

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