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Gin of Bruges

Clochard de Luxe did not just launch a gin; we also (at once, instantly) introduced two new types of gin to the market. They use the same type of bottle and have a stylish label, which makes them both a pleasure to drink and the ideal gift. Both are suitable for sharing a special moment with friends and family and you can enjoy savouring the flavours together. Are you a cocktail lover? Why not give your cocktails a local flavour by using gin (Gin) from Bruges.

A bit of Bruges in every Gin of Bruges

Our first gin carries the name “The Lake of Love”. The name is a throwback to the romantic Minnewater in the city's centre. This gin has the pleasant aroma of rose petals and a surprising and remarkable touch of fresh vanilla. The perfect gin to enjoy during the evening on a terrace in Bruges as you gaze into each other’s eyes.

Our second gin refers to another typical Bruges phenomenon: The Swans of Bruges. This is an authentic summer gin and it carries Mediterranean tastes such as herbs and fresh citrus. We also have a winter version of this gin, which is called “The Holy Blood”. Summer or winter- the gin of Clochard de Luxe is always appropriate.

  • ”The Lake of Love” – with the aroma of rose petals and fresh vanilla
  • "The Swans of Bruges" – with a Mediterranean herb and fresh citrus taste
  • ”The Holy Blood”- the winter gin version from Clochard de Luxe

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